Cockpitcrew the past...

Cockitcrew was founded in summer 2002 by Andy Moon & Chris Mind. 2003 they meet Hanno Bruhn a edition manager of EMI Music Publishing, and he liked the project and introduced it to the EMI Music Publishing Europe General Manager Peter Ende who gave Cockpitcrew a major publishing deal and made it possible to finance the Movie & Music Production for the project. Cockpitcrew started the movie and music production in 2004 and finished the first DVD-Album in 2007.

In this 3 years of production they meet many supporters. Rayland (Ray) Horton, a brillant black soul singer, better known as one of the"real voices" of the Grammy Award winning Band, Milli Vanilli and part of "Nana" or "Fun Affairs" as singer, with many No1 Hits in European Charts. Beside this he had a sucessfull own Album in late 90ties . He joined the Crew and was guest singer on the track "Con quen sere" and "U bring me joy" of the first Album. The lyrics for "Con quen sere" was written by Jay del Alma a part of the Chart breaking Band "Pachanga" . The guitar parts on the whole work was played mostly be "Konstinger" the former guitarist of "Number 9" a wellknown south german Band with more then 100 shows a year.

They all, and many more, made Cockpitcrew happen. Andy and Chris started with flights with different General Aviation planes and discovered Europe for 2 years. During the flight schedules Andy started to write the songs with all the pictures in his head and on the cutting monitor. After the film footage was ready, Andy cutted it, and concentrated on the screenplay together with the music. In summer 2007 the whole work was finished and the project become a released band in October 2007. In September 2008, Andy & Chris started to go parted ways and Andy decided to continue Cockpitcrew alone.

As the First Album was available only on DVD, Cockpitcrew released the "Flight Impressions" Album in Summer 2012, Digitally Remastered. It is now available as digital Download international with all important and wellknow stores, as well as on the most important streaming service providers.

End of November 2012 their was the last release out of the "Flight Impressions" Album. The Single EP "The Vocal Edition" presents all the vocal tracks performed by Rayland Horton, and all exisiting remixes including two new Radio Versions.

Cockpitcrew Style

The overall style will be more electronic and varies from relaxing Ambient & Chill out Sound to Mediterranean Lounge style and includes also (Vocal) Trance, EDM and more commercial Deep House Songs.


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